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The Voidsky Pact


The various cells of the Voidsky Pact bear few connections to one another. On the rare occasions when cells receive orders from the pact leadership (sometimes but not always referred to as the counsel) the communications are sent using a system of highly secretive go between using predetermined codes to establish their authenticity. When captured, these go between have committed suicide through unknown arcane means rather than allowing themselves to be interrogated.

Public Agenda

The Pact is a collectivist, anti colonialist organization that opposes the dominion of Opus over the rest of Everfall. Instead of a top down feudal hierarchy, they believe that governance should arise from the people. They also oppose the guilds on the basis that the communal will should arise from the people rather than associations of business interests.


The Voidsky Pact has a lot of political support among working folk. It is very wide spread, with different cells boasting a wide array of agents, informants, and specialists. Their leadership are kept well informed by an as of yet unknown information network, or leak. The Pact leadership also has access to a considerable amount of magical prowess that is unlike the arcane power known to modern mages.


The Pact first became active 85 years ago following a very aggressive series of political maneuvers that placed Opus and its leadership in control of most of Everfall. Since then, the organization has been steadily growing. Instead of finding support in powerful social or economic circles, its power arises primarily from the working class. A recent fashion within noble circles has also seen a far greater degree of Pact activity among idealistic youths.

We are and island in the dark. Only together may we succeed, else our conflicts shall destroy us.

Founding Date
Political, International
Alternative Names
The Pact

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