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A Big Nope

The moving, eight-legged arachnophobia.

The jungle of Damus are home of many dangerous creatures, but there are some that even the wild and mighty Segai hunters go to great lengths to avoid.

These spiders, disguising themselves as colorful flowers living in the canopy of trees, are considered one of the most unpleasant creatures, and they gladly throw themselves on the back or neck of the prey passing beneath them. They are usually hunt during the day.

Their size is roughly the same as that of the wild boar living in the jungle, their weight is sightly less. They have eight long legs, that they can wrap around they bulbous bodies to hide their true forms. They are extremely difficult to spot in their natural environment.
Nopes are able to weave spider webs, but they only use this ability to wrap the captured pray in cocoons and drag them up their trees.
They catch their prey with their paralyzing poisonous bite, which is moderately strong, and has an affect on the Nope-sized herbivores and smaller humanoids in most cases.

They communicate with each other by rubbing their two hind legs together. The hard bristles make a rubbing sound to let each other know where they are or when prey is nearby. If they are threatened, like a forest fire, they will tear the leaves with their feet before trying to escape.

The spiders colors are diverse, pink, yellow, purple, light blue and red are the common versions, but there also bright green or turquoise specimens.
The Segaii and the Bugits of Damus avoid them if they can, but if they find a nest (usually the Nopes lay their eggs in a cocoon on the lower branches), they are always destroy them, with fire or force.

Once even larger spiders lived on Damus, which were almost as tall as the trees. Cephalan, the Greendragon druid, made descriptions of these giant creatures.
A Big Nope

5 years
Átlagos Magasság
60 cm (2ft)
Átlagos Súly
50 kg (110lbs)
Átlagos Hossz
90 cm (2,9ft)
Földrajzi Megoszlás

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Author's Notes

Unfortunately, my English is completely self-taught, but I tried very hard. I apologize for typos and spelling mistakes! Whatever I find in the meantime, or what has been indicated, I will definitely correct it!

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I love this! Great means of communication

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Aug 7, 2023 16:40 by Molly Marjorie

We have brown recluse spiders around here (which are known for being poisonous) and they are trappers, so they jump on prey, rather than making webs. So when I read this article, I just imagine an enormous brown recluse dropping on me from a tree, and my immediate thought is that you could not have named this species better. (It doesn't help that I am very arachnophobic.) Aside from never wanting to meet one in person, I quite love these. They sound beautiful, from a distance, and their means of communication is unusual and unique indeed. Great work!

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