Syndicate Connoisseurs

Written by Barron


The Syndicate Connoisseurs are a group of Syndicate Citizens who whole-heartedly believe in the system of Fundamental Meritism to a point where they become competitive. While most are not outwardly hostile, many Connoisseurs actively look for ways to promote themselves higher no matter the cost.


The Connoisseurs have several core beliefs, and while they often word them differently per the individual they are more often than not different levels of the same ideal.


The Connoisseurs primary belief in life is that Competition is needed to succeed. While this is most commonly seen in the workplace, the love for competition can even spread to recreation and home-life as well. Everything from getting the tightest code base, to getting their child the best scores in school can be taken as serious as a workplace promotion.

Passion through Success

Many Connoisseurs believe that passion for a job is parallel to the success achieved in that job. Winning is motivation enough to force oneself to work the extra hours needed to succeed. In more extreme cases, that success can come through the cunning use of others. Many Connoisseurs who hold management positions know precisely how to sell their employees as the best they can be or how to leverage their work as their own.  

Outsider View

Many people in the Syndicate see the Connoisseur subculture as a toxic part of corporate life. These are people who will do anything to win, no matter who or what they have to destroy to get victory. Others see them as a necessary part of Syndicate life, they do get things done for the most part.

Definition of Try-hards. Literally.
— Net-Leech
I tell you one thing, my managers need to win sure as heck leads to some awesome business updates. Sells us like we are the top of the ladder.
— Syndicate Citizen


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 11

Describe a culture in your world which has particularly warlike traditions.

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