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Cultural Grants

In a universe so dense and advanced, to lose creativity is to lose your place amidst it all. This applies to everything. It applies to each and every person and the Banners themselves.

To keep themselves creative, each of the Banners have their own form of incentive. A way to allow anyone to express themselves. Grants for creativity.

— Banner Historian
On the Subject of Creativity

Cultural Grants are practices that Banners use to reward and encourage the development of the arts.

These grants come in many different forms, be it monetary or otherwise. The struggle between Banners makes these grants critical as to lose culture is to lose an aspect of War. Especially with Banners who focus on dominating culture.

Battles Won through the Mind

The requirement to promote culture has only become more apparent as the Banners have become more powerful and technology so engrained in every waking second of Hubworld life. Trends, ideas, and works of art come and go like flickers of a flame.

With so much fluctuation it benefits any Banner to attemp to stay on top of the trends and set them to promote tourism and economy.

Yet in a society so dense and populated, it requires more to bring people to express themselves. To encourage it all Banners have some form of cultural incentives, known as Grants.

The Physical Threat of Mental Health

Besides competition with other Banners, keeping people content is as critical as maintaining a sewage system. An unhappy populace can produce dark Auric Echos which can build up into emotional timebombs.

Creating cultural grants encourages people to discover what makes them happy rather than what allows them survive, which helps combat depression.

What people craft through cultural grants can also uplift people who see it, which also helps combat depression in society.


Apple of Hedonism

Hedon's entire survival relies on the growth of their culture and conversion of others.

In order to grow more powerful in Hedon, you must be contributing to culture!

ValuSelu Pact

The ValuSelu Pact provides any of its citizens a salary if they have been shown to have a powerful cultural potential that does not go against the state.

These grants can allow a person to survive as long as they continue to produce.

Jupiter Syndicate

The Syndicate offers incentives and recognition grants to those who provide cultural proposals. Many corporations have their own incentive programs as well.

Church of The Somnolent

The Church of the Somnolent treats cultural grants as a matter of practicing divinity. All are encouraged to take a creative passion in their life as part of the Book of Sommes.

The Aempian Government would like to congratulate

— Banner Historian
On the Subject of Creativity


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