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Book of Sommes

A Religious Spelltome of Dreams and Allegories

As one of his first acts after establishing his Church, the Somnolent collected all of the moral and religious tales of Eden and distilled them into a singular anthology.   Each Somme is distilled into a verse, and is accompanied by a dream tailored by the Somnolent. These verses and dreams were then compiled into a spell tome referred to as the Bible.  
"The tongue of the Creator is perfect, but the words of man are not. The Creator does not speak in words as you and I do, The Creator speaks tomes in a breath, saying more than all the words of a language can hope to encapsulate.   "It is in the failing of language, and by the greed of selfish hearts, that our understanding of The Creator has drifted from its roots. The Creator has healed the wound Babel through our new magic, through Astral, and so it is by my communion with The Creator and our newly refound ability that we can again view The Creator as The Creator is."
  There are 56 Sommes, one for each liturgical year. Each week, on Saturday night, Dreamers sleep next to their Book (each book is coded to its owner, though ownership may be transferred or shared) and dream that weeks somme. They may also read any verse aloud before bed and dream that somme before they sleep.   Each Dream is a template, it's roles and places filled in by the Dreamer. This means that throughout their lives, Dreamers will experience the sommes differently, and that no person is excluded from representation by having the dreams take place in places they don't know with people they don't recognize.   It is Illegal to tamper with a Book in a way which changes the message. The Somnolent personally handles all new translations, but has never made a revision.   Because of the importance placed on them, many Books become Affinity Items. If this occurs they may change their messages over time. Angels and priests may confiscate Books which have developed messages that do not hold to the initial spirit

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