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Written by Ademal

Silkvine is a vine which grows native to Jhoutai in the Greater Amujnalden Region. It is a domesticated variant of Vampire Vines, without any of the venomous or carnivorous aspects. It is pivotal for use in plastics and Weave.

Invasive Species

Although Silkvine has been stripped of all of its offensive measures, it is still a highly problematic plant in its region. The Shejlt manipulated it to grow quickly—at a rate of up to an inch a day. It takes low nutrition despite this explosive growth, and has so interwoven the Alden region that smooth stone walls encircle most cities and House Native Rajhska are tasked to go harvest, burn, or destroy it.   In some regions the Silkvine has grown into the Table Coral and runs for miles beneath the earth—able to survive without even sunlight.  

In Fabric

Silkvine is used for high-strength fabrics such as ropes and military clothing. Processed, it was used to form early plastics, and even further refined is the basis of Weave, a critical material in Raiments. It has high tensile strength, can be produced even on space stations, and has mild coloric value in a pinch.  

In Traditions

Silkvine is the favored materlai for many traditions. It is used to make laurels, woven baskets, ceremonial clothing, ropes, decorations, and other woven goods. While it is crunchy and supple while young, it darkens and becomes sinewy with time, though never loses its supple nature until well after maturation of death.


Genetic Ancestor(s)


Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 2

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