Pod Habitat

Written by Ademal

Pod Habitats are a popular mode of living for Colonists and Prospectors. They are capsule-shaped buildings capable of slow mobility. They have an inbuilt meissner engine that allows them to float a meter above the ground, but are typically stationary on metal struts. The have both standing and laying variants.


Pod Habs are prefabricated en-masse from the Jupiter Syndicate. They are meant to be dropped from orbit, land using Impact Gel, orient with their Meissner Engine, pushed into place, and set on struts. They can either be laid down or left standing depending on the preference of the owner and the availability of space.  


Pod Habs can come constructed with: kitchens, labs, beds, cargo space, and more. Because of the small size of Pod Habs, how much of this can actually fit is limited. More likely you will order one of several pre-fab designs such as: home, mobile lab, lookout tower, radio tower, prospector camp.

Istvan watched as all the Habs came streaking down through the pink glow of the sunset skies. They were coming in by the hundreds—phase 2 colonists interspersed with older or less risk-taking prospectors.   Of course, a couple would die. Some bough knock-off Habs with malfunctioning gel deployers, others forgot to refill their gel before drop. Both would land with explosive force and...   BOOM   Ah, there was one now. Like thunder, the sound rolled over the horizon, followed by the rapidfire pop pop pop pop of gel canisters firing out and laying a thick layer of Impact gel on their landing sites.   Some three hundred feet from me I saw one land in a small meadow. The Impact gel swirled around it, lowering it gracefully towards the grass before turning to dust. It was left hovering as a couple prospectors stumbled out, secured cables to it, and tugged it closer to the shade of a tree.


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 10

Write about a typical house or dwelling in one of your cultures or countries.

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