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Nocnitsa is a sleeping disorder marked by restlessness, a lack of desire for sleep, and, the core issue: sleep terrors.
A lot of wanderers and prospectors have it. Comes with the territory of havin' seen some shit. Hard to travel with a party without knowin' at least one or two fellas who wake up screamin' in the dead of night.   I've known a few peeps who consider it the end of your line if the Hag finds you. If you're on any secret or quiet ops someone with nocnitsa can blow your cover. Travelled with a troupe before that lost a guy 'cause of it. Woke up screamin' one night and bam, every predator in a mile started comin' towards the camp.   Not sayin' we left him to die. But we sure didn't double back to find him when we ran.


Nocnitsa is acquired through emotional trauma, usually something anxiety-related that the person associates with a need to remain vigilant.


Other Names The Hag
The Noc
The Nox
Sleep Terrors


The only way to treat a mental health disorder is in treating the underlying issue, but it can be negated with tactical sleeping patterns and a way to silence your screams upon rousing.   Stimulants are not suggested, but are necessary to most anyway.


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 20

Write about a mental illness in your world and how people respond to this.

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