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Ivorwood Trees


Written by Allarah


Ivorwood trees are carnivorous plants native to the Verin isles. Much like bulbs, these trees grow up and into the earth at the same time. Below the Ivorwood grows a large digestive system filled with slog, a bacteria that works much like stomach acid. When enough trees grow close enough together, the digestive systems converge to create a network of these acidic baths to support one another during periods of dearth.
This tree evolved to coexist perfectly with its environment, never feeding on too many of the creatures to damage the ecosystem, but consuming just enough to prevent overpopulation. The bark that grows on the outside of the tree is actually a highly nutritious fungi that protects the tree from the slog it produces, but also prevents the tree from growing too large in areas where there are not enough animals to feed on.
The fungi itself has a very attractive odor that draws creatures in. In a highly populated areas, more of the fungus can be harvested and the tree can grow larger. To prevent over consumption, there is a thick fibrous membrane that closes over the acidic pits once the tree has gathered enough nutrients to last the week. This membrane can support up to 200 lbs without breaking, and will support a creature while they collect the fungal bark.
Due to the versatile nature of the tree and the medicines that can be made from its fungal bark, it has been taken and replanted on many different pre colonized worlds to help aid in the colonization process and regulate problematic species in the area.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

At the height of the Ivorwood's maturation, it will release billions of its spores into the surrounding area. Any elderly or sick animals unfortunate enough to be near a mature Ivorwood when it releases it's spores will become the host and nutrition to the budding new tree. When the animal succumbs to the resulting lung failure, the tree grows directly from the corpse of its host.


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