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Green Bite

An ancient Sauthei method of ritual execution

Written by Ademal

The adulterer struggled against his bindings as the tribe emeri carried him to the trench in which the Serpent Vine lived. The vines twisted and coiled upon themselves like the lazy serpents of their namesake as they basked in the sun.

I watched, nauseated, as they threw him in. The moment his body landed the vines reacted violently, producing long, curved red spines which punctured his skin and pumped a paralytic, agonizing venom into him. His screams and struggle did not last long before the paralytic set in, but it could be hours or days before the vine burrowed enough into him enough to stifle his breathing or sever an artery. If he was lucky he would die of anaphylaxis before then.


A Green Bite is an ancient Sauthei method of execution which began in Tremulous Era but which certain Sauthei groups still practice today. In it, the subject of execution is tied up and berated for his crimes before being thrown into a trench full of Serpent Vines.

In tribal times, the rich feeding usually resulted in the vine producing fresh seeds, which the Sauthei then planted around their territory to keep rivals at bay. This was typically the execution reserved for major rivals of the tribe or heinous transgressions of their laws.

Primary Component

Vampire/Serpent vines, a carnivorous plant which seeks warmth and which can produce spines from its flesh.

They feeds by puncturing its vine-tips into its prey, sinking in until it finds a vein, and follows the warmth of the blood flow to the heart. The process is aided by its paralytic sap.  
Vampire Vines
Species | Aug 22, 2018

Carnivorous, mobile plants with a potent toxic sap

Cover image: Vampire Vine by Ademal


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