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Wiggleworms are a species of large fauna native to the megaforests. True to the name of their biome, these worms can grow to incredible sizes, dwarfing the rest of the planet's worms by a wide margin. However, they are mostly harmless - feeding on carrion and decaying matter. They are capable of burrowing under the ground, and this is their primary method of travel; the paths they may take aboveground leaving them too exposed to predators. For this reason, most wiggleworms will never leave the forest floor.
Average Length
3-4 feet
Geographic Distribution


Wiggleworms are large invertebrates with soft, moist, and squishy skin. They have segmented bodies, which they contract and expand in order to move. They are limbless creatures, and do not have any fine manipulation ability. They have very little influence over the state of their environment, only their location within it.

Wiggleworms have multiple rows of teeth within their mouths on one end of their body. These teeth aid them in digging, as well as allow them to eat smaller chunks of large carrion, giving them a wider range of options when it comes to food. Their teeth also provide them a limited ability to defend themselves - specifically when fighting of predators that are directly in front of their heads.

Wiggleworms have powerful digestive acids, which allow them to consume a varity of substances, including bone, dirt, and minerals, without being harmed. They are not immune to toxic substances - though they are not intelligent enough to recognise when food would be harmful to them. Because of this, a common cause of death among wiggleworms is via their consumption of species who are toxic to them.

Wiggleworms are generally oblivious to their environment, and are mostly blind. Their only sense that they can rely on consistently is their acute sense of touch, which they can use to sense shifts in the earth beneath or around them.

When a wiggleworm is ripped in half, it has the ability to continue to sutvive as two separate creatures, as long as its brain isn't damaged. This is, in fact, the wiggleworm's main method of reproduction, as well. When a wiggleworm grows too long, it will voluntarily split itself into two, creating two new individuals.


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Jan 26, 2024 14:31

imagine watching this big worm just split its self. How fast does it happen?

Jan 26, 2024 18:32 by spleen

you might not know what you're watching, at least not at first! I imagine it's somewhat like watching a snake shed its skin, except after the process is over, there's two creatures instead of one.

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I kind of love them in a fascinated, horrified kind of way. It's the splitting in two voluntarily, I think. XD   Worms are so fun.

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Jan 27, 2024 15:54 by spleen

worms are fun. silly wiggly lil guys. gotta love 'em

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