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Frësian (FRAY-zhian)

The Frësian along with the Iɉen are an ancient ethnicity native to Koljorn. Their tribes occupy primarily the eastern and southern areas of Koljorn.


It is thought that the Frësian migrated to Koljorn from further south in Estia either through the Nänem mountain range or across the Trader's Sea.

Naming Traditions

Other names

Frësian naming customs are unique in Estia. They have no family names, and names are not really feminine or masculine. Instead a Frësian's name is made up of 3 parts each of which are 2-3 letters long, a given name combined with the father's given name and the mother's given name. For example, a Frësian with the given name Lei, father's name Rinnellon and mother's name Yamorein would then be named Leirinya.


This serves multiple purposes culturally. First the Frësian consider kinship with the tribe stronger than the immediate family and so do not adopt or use family names but may use the tribe's name in that place. The combination of names still allows for the tracing of family/genetic lines when necessary. Full names are nearly always used except in the case of close relationships in which just the given name may be favored.


Without one or both parents, a Frësian name ends up being shorter, including only a given name or given name and the name of the known parent. There is some stigma around these names, but this stigma falls away at the next generation.


Gender Ideals

Modern Frësians do not socially differentiate between men and women until after they are married. Both men and women are raised and trained relatively equally depending on the tribe and all Frësian teens are taught to fight and defend themselves for practical purposes.


Part of Frësian marriages is the adoption of a more gender-specific role. The two are no longer considered separate beings but halves of a single being that must work together for the betterment of both. Both married men and women lose some rights legally and socially and must seek permission from their partners in certain decisions, and some rules are set by the tribe. For example in many Frësian tribes, it is considered unwholesome to sleep with one married individual without the other.


The loss of rights due to marriage makes marriage less desirable for those who don't want children, and there are perfectly respectable paths that don't include getting married for individuals in the tribe to take. This does naturally pressure married couples to have many children to keep the tribe numbers growing.


Gender roles also diverge when it comes to children. In most Frësian tribes, all parents of underage children take some role in teaching, training or caring for children and young mothers and fathers of the tribe. Additionally, mothers of underage children are barred from war except in defense of the tribe.

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What's the difference between the Iɉen and the Frësian you ask? The Iɉen were a practical people and creative problem solvers, but you won't find anything Iɉen that didn't serve a purpose. Frësian on the other hand were an adaptable people; Give a Frësian a hammer and everything became a nail.


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