Witch's End

Witch's End is a popular chain of taverns and inns located in countless towns and cities across Allethra. First founded in Daripur by halfling adventurer Mahya Hayati in 410 AE, the Witch's End brand has grown swiftly over the past few decades. Catering to adventurers, adventure enthusiasts, and patrons looking to hire, the taverns are a popular resting place for travelers across the continent.

Purpose / Function

Witch's End is a hub of the adventuring world. Adventuring parties, prospective clients, and ordinary citizens looking for excitement all frequent the inns across Allethra. Local bounties and other jobs are frequently posted on the "Quest Board," giving adventurers in search of work an opportunity to make their names known. Bards, both famous and upcoming, play venues at Witch's Ends in search of new patrons, barbarians wrestle and brawl to establish a peking order of strength, investigators interview potential suspects, and rogues plan their next daring heist.   Even more than just a place to stay, Witch's End establishments are a recruiting spot for Ithonian adventuring guilds. Offering discounted rates, exclusive quests, and many other benefits, joining an adventuring guild gives tangible benefits to parties staying at a Witch's End.


Most Witch's Ends adhere to a common construction theme, cashing in on their patrons' familiarity. Typically a three-story building, the ground floor is dominated by the taproom. A circular, central bar provides drinks, while waiters run back and forth to service the many tables and booths, offering menu selections common to the whole franchise. The taproom is open to both guests and the public, and is often used as a place to meet clients, post bounties, and relax after a hard day of adventuring. A stage is set off to one side, and local musicians and traveling bards often provide entertainment to the patrons. Floor space near the stage is kept clear of tables for those patrons who wish to dance. The second floor overlooks the taproom via balcony, offering more private seating for guests who still want to enjoy the taproom.   Other amenities on the ground floor often include a bathhouse and sauna, an equipment upkeep room, a quiet library, and a meditation garden, all available at no additional expense for paying guests.   There are a small number of rooms available on the ground floor and basement for the more earth-dwelling patrons, but the majority of rooms are found on the second and third stories. They range from small, spartan rooms with little more than a bed, to lavish multi-room suites for the wealthy adventuring parties wishing to room together. All rooms have magical soundproofing, blocking sound from the outside to provide their inhabitants quiet in even the busiest of cities.


In 410 AE, famed halfling adventurer Mahya Hayati retired from a life of excitement. Like many adventurers past their prime, she decided to open a tavern/inn. However, rather than a simple bar in a backwater town, she had a vision of a place tailored specifically for the needs of the adventuring life, and to cater to ordinary citizens fascinated by the adventuring lifestyle. Using her accumulated wealth, she opened the first Witch's End in downtown Daripur. The business was so successful in its first year that Hayati decided to open a second location in Sarvesar. Soon enough, Hayati gained the attention of the adventuring guilds of Ithon. With their help, Hayati began opening franchises in cities across Allethra, exclusively hiring ex-adventurers to run the establishments.
Founding Date
410 AE
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant