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Liftrest is the single tavern that lies within the walls of the Village of Starren. It is a popular gathering place for members of the village and those visiting from the surrounding area, possibly waiting on work. Since the area is relatively unpopulated, many of the people visiting the village know each other and it is not uncommon to see people walk in and join a table already in progress, or for two or more tables to be pushed together for a large group to form. Liftrest also sees a lot of business from travelers, either people waiting for the lifts to enter Starrengeld Hall or taking a break before hitting the road to Port Norsal.   Liftrest is a small tavern with only a few rooms. It also serves a small community so its selection of food and drink is not very wide. However, they are able to serve locally sourced food from the nearby farmlands and some well made dwarven ale brought down from Starrengeld Hall.

Purpose / Function

Liftsrest serves it purpose well as a tavern for people travelling to and from the dwarven city of Starrengeld Hall.

Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Village of Starren
Amilo Caskmaster

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