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"Witness the dawnflower, for as demure a plant as it is there have many uses besides to look pretty."
— Jann Kurow, Imperial Herbalist

Basic Information


The Dawnflower is known immediately by its strikingly bright blossoms, ranging from brilliant yellow to soft crimson depending on the soil they grow in. A slight shift in the balance of nutrients in the soil can cause radical changes in the color, or yield odd shades in the petal colors. The old tales about the crimson flowers blooming due to being planted where someone has died is, as always, a mixed truth.

The leaves are what are important to pay attention to, as they have spines around the edges which can be fairly irritating to the touch, and are what separate dawnflowers from other similar blooms. These leaves are also one of two parts of the plant which are used for purposes other than decoration.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Properly gathered and processed, the dawnflower is used for various applications by spellcasters and healers. First of all, before any further processing is started, the plant must be harvested only after it blossoms fully. Taking it before that time will yield not only substandard results, but harm the ability of the plant to thrive. Secondly, the leaves and the petals must be kept separate when harvested; the leaves' spines are coated in a substance which disturbs the potential of the petals' effects.

The leaves are used as a material spell component in many spells relating to altering perception, most notably those which drive an individual to overlook or fail to notice something. Secondarily, and less commonly, they are used by elven healers as an ingredient in many poultices. They claim the body reacting to the leaves will cause it to also reject whatever substance is causing pain. Imperial healers tend to use fresh ash instead, claiming it functions better. To use the leaves, they must be dried for several days, crushed in a mortar and pestle, and then sifted through a fine sieve to remove any large pieces.

The petals are used as an accent to medicinal teas, primarily those for soothing and relaxation, or simply to immerse in hot bath water to release their fragrances. Each shade of color is supposed to have a slight variation of scent, which is notable when moving between very different colors instead of subtle changes of shade. Spellcasters of various traditions still use dried dawnflower petals as a material component for any spell which alters color or appearances, even though many others have moved to using glass prisms or colored chalk powder.


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