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Ice Graduation Ball

A traditional ball held for Ice graduates. Every Ice is expected to make their own outfit for the occasion. While in a human setting this event would probably be one of celebration, it is instead an introduction into the apathetic and judging society of the Ice. Every outfit is judged, and worth is decided on things skin deep.  


Each graduate is given a week, along with the most basic supplies, to craft themselves the best outfit they can come up with. The dress code is rather simple, suits for men and dresses for women. But someone that follows the most simple rules is going to spend the entire ball being shunned by both their fellow graduates and their own parents. There are no rules against using one's status or family status to get better supplies or tools. Neither are there rules against sabotaging other's work. Those that plan to sabotage are encouraged to do it "with Iceren grace, and not Firen savagery".  

The Ball

The actual ball begins a week later at 3:00pm, going until 10:00pm. It is generally held in the ballroom of the government building of the city the graduates are in, those that live in towns outside the cities go to the nearest one. Food and refreshments are served constantly through the night. Those that have the least impressive outfits and are shunned by the rest of those there are often invited to help hand out the snacks and drinks.   Those that do find themselves worthy of being spoken to will often go around, trying to network to the parents that have come. If they can impress whoever they are speaking with, then they are often hired, or will have a reference by the end of the ball.   In the last ten minutes of the ball, the judges of the ball declare someone either queen or king of the ball. These judges are officials that go around the ball, especially judging people for their outfits, along with how many people they speak to. To be queen or king is a moment worth bragging about forever.


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Jul 20, 2021 23:43 by Avalon Arcana

Ooh, I like that they make their own outfit, and that a lot of societal renknown depends on how good it is. Great article :)

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