Ushann is the home of the Ushanni, vegan farmers, who live in the grasslands to the southeast of Lake Seula ruled by the Ushanni Government.   Capital: None, but the closest thing to would be The Garden, which was built by all, and where The Marq is held every quarter.   Other cities: Armeria Maritima, Paeonia, Helianthus, Tulipa, and Iris.   Ushann is good farmland; it is a breadbasket. Most of the settlements are built along the Flos River.   Armeria Maritima, also known as Maritima/Tima by the locals, is the only Ushanni coastal settlement; they are known for their glass blowing and are very powerful as the hub for all sea transport.   Ranunculus is the settlement just west of where the Oror River flows into the Flos and the closest to where it flows into the ocean.   Helianthus is the next settlement east.   Tulipa is the settlement furthest east on the Flos River and the beginning over the overland trade route to Iris.   Iris is the only settlement that is not linked to the other settlements by a waterway, although it is on the banks of Lake Suela, and is, via the lake, the second largest Ushanni trade hub.
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