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LakePass is a small desert merchant town on the main continent of Erath who specializes in the trading of spices, salt, gold, copper, hides, and camels. It is the city the campaign starts in and the sister city of Brittleburgh. The village has been here for 500 years starting off as a sort of refugee camp for those in the area displaced by the second war. Outside of the village proper are a large area of sand dunes surrounding the village where the residents hunt and gather resources; and from which no one goes beyond that has ever been heard from again. Farther beyond that the entire area is surrounded by mountainous hills with two narrow passes as the only ways out into unknown areas that the villagers of LakePass have not even joked about going near for generations. At the start of the game the characters will be attending the annual yearly celebration of the villages founding.

Notable Locations of LakePass

  • The Temple of LakePass
  • The Mannered Merchant's Inn
  • Counting House
  • The Great Market
  • Stables
  • Dakem's Tavern
  • Southmarket Crossing
  • Gate/Portal
  • Demographics

    LakePass citizens are made up of various races that found each other and came together at the end of the Second War.


    The village is ran by a council of Elders that usually default to Father Cornwall when they can't agree.


    The village has no walls or defences to note, however farther beyond that the entire area of the village past the area where they hunt and gather resources are mountainous hills surrounding their entire known area as if they are living in a crater. Cut out of this natural defence are two narrow passes as the only ways out into unknown areas. Otherwise the village is protected by The Hunters and the Gate Guardsmen.


    The LakePass Great Market and The LakePass Southmarket Crossing are the main defined districts of the village.

    Guilds and Factions


    The Epitaph of LakePass

    So far it has been a year of fire and a year of destruction. It was a year of rebirth, a year of great sadness, a year of pain, and a year of joy. It was the end of LakePass. It was the year everything changed. A few months after the event of Meteor Fall the world would never be the same and doubts if LakePass would rise again. The gg hatched and wrought destruction upon all in its gaze. The party with only a small portion of what was in LakePass after meteor fall escaped through the gate that fateful day once the realization that the meteor might be the egg set in. As Xanther, the last person to make it out of LakePass alive came through the gate to Brittleburgh the gate deactivated and went cold unable to lock on to its sister city any more.

    Amongst the dead were Father Cornwall, Tamoq, and Dakem.


    Arabian design.


    Desert type climate.

    Natural Resources

    Spices, salt, gold, copper, hides, and camels.

    April 3, Year 500

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