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The Midkingdoms

Adventurer's Paradise, Fool's Grave

Spread across a wide bridge of land between the green and verdant Valderia, the sorcery-shrouded deserts of Qadoris and the volcano-scarred wilderness of Tamuz, the Midkingdoms are also known as the "Crossroads of the World".
A hodgepodge patchwork of rough, rowdy, and fiercely independent fiefdoms ruled by an equally colourful collection of larger-than-life warlords, robber barons, and frontier aristocrats known as the Border Kings, the Midkingdoms have a reputation as the frayed edge of civilisation - and are regarded thus, ironically, on every side of the borders they guard.
Though considered wild and sparsely settled by the standards of kingdoms like Valderia, the Midkingdoms are a hive of constant activity. Crawling with bandits, outlaws, roaming mercenary bands, the squabbling armies of various Borderlords, brave - and heavily guarded - caravans of merchants and settlers, and, of course, motley bands of adventurers of all stripes. Strategically positioned as they are, the Midkingdoms have always been the prize in a tug-of-war between various empires and factions throughout the history of the central continents, and are thusly encrusted with layer upon layer of bloodsoaked battlefields, ruined and not so ruined fortifications, smuggler's dens, abandoned mines, monster lairs and the makeshift tombs of countless generations of would-be Kings of the Crossroads.   In short, the Midkingdoms are the average mild-mannered peasant farmer's idea of hell, but an adventurer's paradise. In every filthy tavern in every shanty-town, border fort and frontier village in the Midkingdoms, various braves, ruffians and would-be heroes can be found toasting their victories and drowning their sorrows in equal measure. A bold and fortunate few will leave these lands with wealth and fame uncountable; most will be lucky to leave the Midkingdoms with their lives. At bare minimum, they may flee these perilous dominions with a handful of coins and a roadmap of scars - and the tales of adventure and disaster to go with them.
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