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If the Midkingdoms are the Crossroads of the World, the Silversea boasts even greater fame as the Heart of all Seas. Surrounded by the Midkingdoms, Valderia, northeastern Ezzuth, Tamuz, Sukima, and even the mouth of the great Kyrthir river in southern Qadoris, the Silversea is the hub of all oceanic trade, and the accompanying human flotsam, between all of these lands. 
  These are wild seas indeed - whilst they do not bear the aura of primal mystery that haunts the reputation of the Outer Oceans, travelers on the Silversea had best not expect calm waters. The multitudinous islands that dot this mid-continental expanse are hotly contested territory - their native populations have had centuries to acclimatize to the comings and goings of successive waves of empires and kingdoms on the bordering continents, and no sooner has such an ambitious empire staked a claim on one of these verdant isles than another group of Islanders, or even those just ejected returning with allies or relatives, will flock to their shores and snatch it back.    The Islanders are a melting-pot people who retain the deep tradition and powerful community spirit of their distant ancestors, diluted not at all by their intermingling with all of the surrounding cultures. Some islands are home to small, stubbornly traditionalist tribes, others to nothing more than the odd nest of pirates or monsters, whilst still others are bustling trade colonies established by one outland kingdom or another, or powerful, independent Islander kingdoms, often heavily fortified and defended by their own navies. If trade is the lifeblood of the Silversea, then naval warfare is the hot pumping of its heart that sways the fate of that trade in favor of one power or another, and piracy a constant, niggling infection that no empire can cure.    All those milennia of sea-battles have left their mark, too; unimaginable treasures have been lost to the briny depths, and the shadowed hulks of countless vessels sleep below, encrusted with barnacles and sometimes, it is whispered, claimed as the lairs of terrifying sea-monsters creeping up from the dark, deep waters around the lost jungles of Ezzuth, the scarred wildlands of Tamuz, and the yokai-haunted shores of Sukima. Rumours also linger of civilisations unknown to the surface world, lying quiet in the deep, witnessed by surface-sailors only as blessing in a storm, or omens of certain doom...
Neighboring Nations

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