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Archmagus Tysora Kelrath

Highmistress of the Akademia Arcanum and Archmagus of the Beltharius Conclave. An enigmatic woman of indeterminate age and race, tall, statuesque and shaven-headed. Her demeanour is one of implacable calm and she often seems mildly amused by the activities of others. Despite her aura of power she is an approachable figure if one can actually gain access to her; however, as Archmagus her duties, studies and interests take her far afield indeed, up to and including frequent excursions to other worlds and planes.   Of her relationships and goals little is known outside of the highest of arcane circles. It is rumoured, however, that she dislikes Lady Eight-Clouds, considering her an irritating, obnoxious meddler. Lady Eight, for her part, finds the Archmagus' opinion of her positively delightful and has been noted to gloat about it at parties.

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