Kalzari Mountains barricade the western coast, with the vast Porinka Plains through out the middle-westlands, the thick Qorava Forrest sweeps from North to South marking the divide between the plains and the rolling Vormoth Hills. Ipoksil's Spine, is a small range of mountains make their home to the southern central edge of Organa. The westernmost 12 mountains have a black tone, as 3 of them are still active volcanoes. Parathesia Wetlands envelope the northern coast of Organa, stretching almost a third the way to its center. Many coral castles stretch out of the north eastern coast making constant trade with the coastal villages. The rolling hill break out of the forest and slowly raise and drop, ending a forth the way to the edge in a large cliff bearing the last river at its base. Beyond is miles of Tipon Desert ending in some of the most cherished beaches along the coast.
Organa is not native to this world, but its denizens have taken to their new world over the past millennium and have found their new normal.
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