Parathesia Wetlands

The Coral Keeps off the coast are inhabited by Aquates and house many sea bound species in their underwater portions. The coral structures are maintained with water magic creating a semi-permanent water flow over the coral. Due to additional magic larger ships are turned away from the keeps, but smaller vessels can still pass. The Coral Keeps are the domain of Veva Urasa. Veva Urasa is governed by The Council of Veva Urasa, an oligarchy containing an elder representative from each keep.   The tidal waves that crash along the coast are occasionally large enough to spill over into the surrounding lands. Many of the coastal towns are able to abate the significant waves that appear using underwater barriers. Left to fend for itself the surrounding lands have given way to the unrelenting ocean. The Slithzerai among many other species have taken to these waterlogged places forming many settlements throughout. Each settlement, with a few exceptions, act as tribe based city-states controlling surrounding lands.
Wetland / Swamp
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