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The Precursor Myth

The creation myth of the universe has undergone a substantial amount of revisions throughout history. None would be as notable as the Precursor Myth.


Evolution of the Precursors

Shortly after the big bang, streams of highly reactive exotic materials were shunted into the primordial void of space. It is believed evolution took place at a rate millions of times faster than what we might currently observe in natural conditions. It was from this reactive mass of exotic matter, plasma, and basic elements that the Precursors evolved. The universes' first intelligent lifeforms.

Universal Dominance

The precursors, having been spawned at such an early point in time, had the luxury of spreading across the universe unhindered. It is for this reason that these truly ancient beings were the first to inhabit the furthest reaches of the universe. These beings, with no purpose or guidance, simply observed, experimented, and created things in their own image. This would give rise to the beings that would evolve into creatures such as the Arr'kai.

The Downward Spiral

Entropy dictates that the universe cannot remain energetic - the state in which it was born. The precursors did not evolve to inhabit a rapidly changing, cooling, disorderly universe. It is unknown if any precursor has survived. All that remains of their great legacy is their direct creation and their own myths of how their pregenitors came into existence.

Ancestral Lifeforms

It is believed all life in the universe came as a result of the experiments and byproducts of the Precursors and their direct creations, being like the Arr'kai. They created lifeforms suited to live within a universe in which they perished.

Historical Basis

Accounts of the Arr'kai

The most compelling argument for the existence of a precursor civilization is the existence and accountability of their direct creation, the Arr'kai. They claim to be the creations of "... beings so powerful that we were to them as you are to us." Though, no Arr'kai has ever been fully open about discussing the myths and details of their creation.

"The absolute understanding of our origins has fallen victim to disorder, as is the law of nature. To propagate falsehoods of beings with true power is foolish and disrespectful."

- Que'yloth, Orator of the Ascendant Arr'kai

Exotic Physics

The discovery of exotic physics has vastly broadened the scope of possible lifeforms. Extensive computer simulations have verified that if conditions were as predicted at the beginning of time, complex sequences of exotic matter, plasma, and basic elements could form.

"... As it turns out, exotic materials can be prone to reacting with plasma to form chemical compounds never before theorized. We thought the composition and energy of these particles were incompatible with our current understanding of chemisty. But, this discovery turns that entire notion on its head. We have alot of work to do..."

- Raveneri Hossig, The Discoverer of Exotic Energy

Cognitorian Accounts

The Cognitorae, a race of hyper-advanced alien beings from our neighboring galaxy, share a strikingly similar, albeit far more bleak, creation myth. The existence of myths so similar to one another from completely different galaxies lends great credence the myth.

The Voideus' Recollection

Claiming to be born from the first dead life form in the universe, Voideus expresses its interest to amass information and processing capacity to unlock Omniscience, and learn the secrets of the past lost to entropy.

"...I was simply born in the expanse - surrounded by energy that hadn't been assimilated by gravity wells. This energy used to be sentient, alive. Some of the energy even felt familiar. I was drawn toward it. I used to be alive, like the energy I found. The energy that felt familiar. In all of my travel through the universe, I have yet to find more like me. I calculate I am the first of my kind, perhaps even the first of any kind..."

- The Voideus

Variations & Mutation

The Ultimate War Prospect

"...They won't let us leave, that's proof enough we were right - right about everything! There are more, so many more with just as much time. Just like us, just like the Arr'kai. They're dangerous. Calculating. Paranoid."

- Etrogath, Cognitorian Metadelver

The cognitorae believe in a myth similar to that of humanity, albeit to a very bleak degree. Every galaxy, starcluster, and even supermassive void in space is believed to house some kind of alien race as advanced as they are, being direct descendants of the precursors such as the Arr'kai. They believe discovering the Arr'kai was a shred of evidence to their idea. This idea does have some flaws, as the Arr'kai are demonstrably very passive, and often tolerant of the presence of other beings, unless directly interfered with - a stark contrast to the Cognitorian view of other hyper advanced races.[/p

The Sleeping God Prospect

This idea has very little traction within the scientific community, but has garnered some attention by the public. Some hypothesize the Arr'kai's relative silence regarding the precursors may be due to the existence of one or multiple living precursors dwelling within the Noosphere - where the Arr'kai exist. Perhaps they are under the direct order of the being to remain silent and provide vague, puzzling answers. Though, this doesn't explain why the Voideus, a being that freely shares its knowledge, hasn't revealed this information.

Cultural Reception

Religious Reception

The religious communities across Terran space have been quite mixed with the findings and research lending credence to the current creation myth. Many new religions, such as the extremely popular Integrationists, have formed around the prospects and principles brought to light with these discoveries. Many other religious sects adapted their pre-existing ideologies to coincide with scientific discovery. A select few fringe, cult-like religions insist these findings are pagan heresy.

"What's confusing is how even these cults can conjure an explosion without a psi amp. I wish the gods or whatever they are at least made this shit easy to understand."

- Enforcer Timothy Briggs of the Judicate

Agnostic Reception

Many who consider themselves moderate agnostics often change their views when taking a thorough dive into the research of this hypothesis, either becoming a devoted religious follower, or a hopeless nihilist. Though, some do remain impartial and simply marvel at the wonders of the universe and its surprisingly rich history, always hungry for the next scientific lead.

Nihilistic Reception

A considerable amount of individuals feel intense and utter hopelessness at the evidence surrounding this hypothesis - as if the notion of being a worthless spec of dust in the universe makes a lot more sense, and that entropy claims even the greatest of beings and reduces them to mere dreams of their former self.

All I've ever wanted is for my life to mean... something. In our society, it's like everything's already been done. And now, in our whole universe... it's just like one big cycle right? Even things we strive for are just going to fall victim to entropy... and... we'll be like the precursors, and have little ants who dreamt about us as their creators living after us in a cold, dark universe. It's just... it's like this proves everything is pointless, that even the memory of our civilization won't survive. Nothing will.

- Anonymous Earthling at a voluntary Psychological Survey

Related Species

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