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Era of Expansion

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Embark on a journey during a future golden age of humanity, ripe with scientific discovery, exploration, danger, and profit.

Many are but a Cog in the expansive machine that is our galaxy. Unless they're the head of a multi-trillion dollar corporation, an incorporeal entity that harvests the psychic energy of living beings, or the leader of a more enlightened alien species, then they're probably nobody. Will your characters break the mold of their lowly situation and ascend to a legendary status, or will they die as a nobody and fade from history?

In a game: the GM is your storyteller. They can tweak the rules of the game and interpret the stories and background information of the universe in whatever way they see fit. They craft the personality, looks, species, and voice of each character you run into; as well as plan your party's end goal, dish out rewards for your accomplishments, and enforce the consequences of your failures.

I'm hoping to have the game complete by late 2021, but I'm not going to hold myself to this date. At this point, most of the game's mechanics are fleshed out meaning the initial "Core Content" handbook will be released first, after necessary balancing and artwork has been implemented (which is gonna take a while). After that, a series of expansions will be released to build upon the ideas of the core book without becoming a requirement. They may include things such as new alien races, perks, and mechanics that wouldn't fit into the main package of the core book.

This WA page is dedicated to the lore of my game's universe. I plan to keep mechanical documents and lore documents separated, both for ease of reading and to keep the lore of the universe free for all to browse without the need to buy any books.