Vernor Acidica

During a live feed on TV (NASA: we did not expect anything alive!) The Vernor Acidica is a 3 inch (6-8 cm) salamander like creature. It lives on venus and is genetically adapted to the acid environment. It's also the only living thing found. Until we can send a new probe we are unable to collect more data on this specific species. What we know so far is that it lives underground, it thrives in acid environments and thats what we know.

  The probe was not able to collect more data, the images are blurry and the discussions are heated. (this is what NASA told the public, befoore they cut the live feed)

  Director T.B. de Haya and Sr. Science Director dr. ir. Elgar Hund from NASA did give a press conference to explain the phenomena. they stated that at this moment it is unclear of there actually is life. It might look lie it, but it could be a glitch. wishfull thinking. Too the rest of the world this was shocking news. The implications of finding live on another planet was just... mind boggling. It happened on live TV and well no denying that it happened.

Basic Information


The creature is small, has 4 legs and a head. and looks a lot like an earth salamander. The image is not clear enough for more details. redacted
The creature is a slamander, adapted to the heat and acid. It eats underground burrowing insects that we did discover. we also found remains of humanoids in the city. we found several slamander like species and underground we found abando0ned houses and empty corridors clearly a sign of intelligent live.

Ecology and Habitats

we found several of the species underground. further research is needed.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

this information is not known.
Scientific Name
Geographic Distribution
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