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The Fourfold

Title Alignment Weapon Portfolio
The Unchanging Change N Varies The Four Elements
It is at once uncaring and all that cares! It is an entity that never ceases to change! Its shifting is as certain as anything can be! It is all-consuming and all-loving! It is! It is not! It is becoming not becoming! It is eternally finite and finitely eternal! It is all that ever was and it is all that ever will be and it is neither of those and it is one and it is the other and it is forever to be all at once all things to nothing to everyone to no one!  
  • S'toaks the Mad, Elementalist of The Fourfold
  • The Fourfold is at once a single entity of unknowable primordial power and an amalgam of four distinct powers. As a gestalt form, it is looked upon as the absolute energy that forms the baseline of all creation. It is at once a gentle breeze and scouring wind, nourishing rain and torrential monsoon, comforting fire and blazing inferno, and fertile soil and cracked ground. Together it is all things made manifest, yet entirely ignorant of this fact. The Fourfold, whether taken together or as its parts, does not care for the schemes or prayers of mortals, nor does it see the gods or their machinations. It exists and roils and eternally shifts and that is all there ever was or ever will be.   Taken as its parts, it forms four aspects, each capable of being worshipped on their own, though each part cares as little for any part of creation as the conglomerate. Each of the four aspects has a nonevil nourishing clergy and a nongood destructive cult association, each is associated with a season, and each has a traditional holy weapon.
    Name Season Nourishing Clergy Destructive Cult Weapon
    Aquan Winter The Healing Spring The Poisoned Well Razornet
    Auralia Fall The Eye's Calm The Stagnant Wind Rapier
    Ignis Summer The Warming Light The Scouring Flame Mace
    Terra Spring The Living Loam The Yawning Fissure Maul
    Aquan. Often depicted with wave-like motifs, The Fathomless Sovereign is associated with the rivers, lakes, and seas. Aquans venerate Aquan either as clergy of The Healing Spring, an eternal source of water from which all life is made possible, or as cults of The Poisoned Well, from which trickery and deceit lead to madness and ruin.   Auralia. Seen most often in silks covering rippling muscle, The Zephyr is tied to the winds and all that they carry. Auralians worship Auralia either as clergy of The Eye's Calm, a nomadic group of wanderers that seek to find the center of peace amidst the raging storm of life, or as cults of The Stagnant Wind, those that stay in one place to fight against change.   Ignis. Shown as a lithe dancer amidst smoke, The Scorching Ire is associated with flame and all that it brings. Ignans serve Ignis either as clergy of The Warming Light, those that seek to comfort others in need and prepare them for the battles and hardships ahead through gentle teachings, or as cults of The Scouring Flame, which seek to burn and purge any from the worth with which they disagree.   Terra. Displayed in many places as a towering, stern figure, The Stonefaced Judge is connected to the land, earth, and soil. Terrans serve Terra either as clergy of The Living Loam, those that seek to rebuild what has been destroyed and cultivate relationships among people, or as cults of The Yawning Fissure, those that seek to sow division and salt the fields of reason with disinformation and malice.

    Worship and Hierarchy

    The Fourfold is worshipped all across Enos, but rarely in the way a Created or Ascended deity would be. It is far more common for one to recognize the presence felt in one's life than to venerate The Fourfold or one of its aspects. While temples to both The Fourfold and its aspects exist, they are rarely large. Shrines are ubiquitous, more often found in homes than in public spaces.   There is no real hierarchy for The Unchanging Change, as there is no real church to lead. Those well-versed in the lore of the god or gods are known as Elementalists, and are often the ceremonial heads of important proceedings, or at least present to ensure a successful conclusion. More often than not, clergy of the church of Vorocit play this role, as their predilection towards knowledge leads many of them down the road of understanding The Fourfold and its role in The Creation.






    Draft Day. This annual festival falls two weeks after the first leaves are blown from their trees, and celebrates the last winds of summer and the changing of the seasons.   Festival of Change. This festival is held yearly, though the exact date varies based on location, and usually falls somewhere near the end of Quanta (Centurion's festival is always held on the 27th). A vibrant festival of life and color, this holiday is marked with lively entertainment in a space set up and taken down for this purpose, and never on the same space twice.   The Forming. This day heralds the beginning of summer, and is often observed by crafting the item or dried food to be given back during Rime's Bounty, often using a forge or flame.   The Giving. Celebrated on the day of the first winds of spring, this is the first day of the year on which fields can be plowed and prepped for Seeding Day two weeks later.   Rime's Bounty. Celebrated on the first frost of the year, this day is often commemorated by giving back something like a common food or small trinket to a local body of water to thank Aquan for its gifts.

    Traditional Dress

    There is no traditional dress for The Fourfold, but those that venerate an aspect often dress to match the usual depictions of their chosen figure, though it varies wildly by region and culture.  


    Go Where the Wind Takes You. Auralia's devout follow their hearts and are to rarely stay in a place for long.   Heavy is the Heart, Light is the Flame. Those grudges and heavy thoughts need not be carried in your mind, and keep your material possessions minimal.   Let Nothing Grow Under Your Feet. A reminder to keep moving.   The Waves Erode All. In the grand scheme of things, very little matters. Focus only on improving from mistakes, and do not dwell on them.