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The Church of Jilkathstirei

Hovering as an eternally watchful presence over The Hells they call their domain, Jilkathstirei is the confluence of order and misery and law and oppression. Their tyranny is everpresent across the planes, and their innumerable hordes of devils seek to spread The Sootbringer's rule to every hearth and their will to every home.   Always depicted as stern with sharp eyes (often far more than two), Jilkathstirei's visage is carved to instill fear. Adherents to the Created's doctrine maintain that their god is an omnipotent taskmaster that rewards those that fall in line and is the scourge to the backs of those that subvert the eternal march of tyranny.   Diametrically opposed to Jilkathstirei and all their nefarious plans is the Created of freedom, Celestine. The devout of The Sootbringer take special time to make an example of any Celestinians they come across, and fight with an extra unholy rage against those that seek to free others from the heat and chain of their infernal master's desires.  

Worship and Hierarchy

The few churches to Jilkathstirei that do exist in the civilized parts of Enos are mostly dedicated to the enforcement of contracts, as the church of Vorocit is effective at the recording of such documents, but the infernal church is far more feared by the general populace. Infernal is used in all legal documentation because of its absolute lack of double-meanings and exceeding clarity, so it stands to reason that devils would be at the root of enforcement, given their literal interpretation of contracts and the like.   To those that venerate the Sootbringer, tyranny represents a freedom from the paralytic yoke of freedom itself. They are given tasks, told how to do them, told when to do them, and told what happens if they do or do not do them how and when they were told to do so. This sort of lifestyle, they would say, makes them feel like they are a small cog in a great machine, and gives them a purpose far greater than anything they could've dreamed up on their own.   The church itself has a hierarchy that mirrors that of The Hells themselves. The church's true leadership is entirely fiendish in nature, comprised of a council of the seven archdevils that rule the various layers of Jilkathstirei's home plane, together with the highest-ranked Dragon Priest of Apothus in deference to The Scalewarden's rulership of their own infernal ward. Priests that run churches report directly to a specific archdevil, and are known as Servants Diabolic.  


Driver's Day. Often a day of slave auctioneering, some cultures choose instead to celebrate on this day the often-overlooked workers that drive the engine of progress ever forward. Clergy of The Sootbringer hold their High Mass on this day, and it usually proves to be both a bloody and theatrical affair.  

Traditional Dress

Chains and metal feature heavily in the dress of a Servant Diabolic, together with heavy gowns intended to wear a person down and remind them of the weight of their dark god's gaze upon them.  


Connections Cost. A reminder that the great work takes time and devotion, and any connections one may have should only serve to hasten that work or deepen that devotion.   Give So You May Give. A call-and-response, with the response being 'and we will give until we can give no more." This reminds the devout of Jilkathstirei that they exist as part of a greater whole.

The Sootbringer