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Emaxus is currently undergoing a large entry into a new Age (and a large revision of the current Age). Consider this an active construction zone: things are moving around, getting changed, and the world's being reorganized. Apologies for the inconvenience!
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Half a decade ago, the Collapse swept across Aitreas as the Imperium was ravaged by secession, infighting, and civil war, its once continent-spanning holdings and tens of thousands strong military being reduced to a handful of cities and a single Legion, respectively. Of those cities, Sutrium numbers one of the least defended, yet most important. For Sutrium sits at the heart of the Minutus Woods, along the road from the capital, Ariminium, to Dyracchium, the most northward harbor in the Imperium, and is near enough to the Epidamnus Hills to reasonably extract materials from them.   And so, in the face of the ruined economy and devastated logistics of the remnants of the Imperium, Sutrium provides. Its people, hardy and stubborn, continue to go out into the forests surrounding the city and bring in enough lumber for all remaining cities loyal to the Imperium. They continue to send out caravans, well-stocked with lumber, iron, and stone, knowing full well that many of the guards, and indeed, even the caravan itself, may never return. And they continue to work and defend their homeland, because even when they don't receive the respect some feel they are owed, the people of Sutrium are still fiercely loyal to the Imperium.

Survival in the Face of Collapse

Ever since the Collapse several years ago, and the rapid weakening of the Imperium, Sutrium has gone from a heartland city afforded all the luxuries of Imperial life to a frontier city that regularly comes under siege from everything from rogue Legions to monstrous invaders. But, somehow, the city manages to hold on. With the majority of their legionary defenders being withdrawn to "more important" cities, Sutrium has been forced to adapt. Its people, long adapted to the dangers of logging and doing business surrounded by the Minutus Woods, have organized into militias and garrisons, and the city has survived in the face of the Collapse for half a decade.   And though there are dissenters among the Sutrium people, those who grumble about the Imperium abandoning their workers to defend the patricians in Ariminium, by and large the city is still loyal to their Imperial history and culture. They understand that, without them, the last vestiges of the Imperium would likely give into chaos as well, as the other handful of cities who still fly the Imperial flag do not have access to the abundance to lumber that Sutrium can provide.


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