Laithna, the Winter of Death

Credits to Kai Cockburn from Artstation for the chilly cover art!
Land of endless snow and dotted by ruins and arboreal forests, Laithna is the destination of all things that end. Most all souls -- save those claimed by Iduran's devils or necromancers, etc. -- are destined to rest in the Winter of Death. Most anything that ends is destined to come to Laithna, and it is for that reason that ancient structures and artifacts find themselves dropped into and buried among the snow of the plane. Criss-crossed by frigid mountain ranges and chilled by a constant blizzard, Laithna is locked in a permafrost that buries the dead, the ruined, and the unwary traveler.    Yacrena does not shine on the Winter of Death. Only Luna provides light on this barren plane, her forever full glow shining down on the souls of the deceased and the ruins of the forgotten. At the heart of Laithna is a region known as the End, a continent-sized boreal forest that once droned with Laianath and her servants attending the souls of the dead. Now, the End lies quiet, save for the howling blizzards of Laithna, and somewhere in its depths, Laianath's necropolises lie quiet and hidden.  


Laithna is where all things end -- few things live in the Winter of Death. Before the Reckoning, Laithna was utterly empty and silent, save for the most hearty travelers or planar wanderers. In the Age of Extant, Laianath's absence has become more and more noticeable. In some forgotten corners of Laithna, the restless dead walk, disturbed from their dreamless sleep by unknown forces. Though reaching Laithna is still as difficult as ever, the truly determined could find a near endless source of souls and territory waiting to be claimed in the Winter of Death.   Gods save us all, should that occur.  


Reaching Laithna is more difficult than most planes. The permanent blizzards disrupt most planar magic and trying to reach the plane by way of navigating the Realm of Stars is a death wish for the same reason. The only surefire ways to reach Laithna is to die -- but most souls have lost sentience by the time they reach the Winter of Death -- or by traveling to the farthest reaches of Isathra, where the forests give way to snow and the sounds of battle gives way to the howling of wind.
Dimensional plane


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