Isathra, the Fields of Glory

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Whereas Mathrak earned its title as the Fields of Blood through the constant warfare between infernal forces that ravages its surface, Isathra earned its title as the Fields of Glory through the constant honorable combat and struggle among the ranks of Isael's chosen. Land of boreal forests, snow-capped mountains, and windy valleys, Isathra is both the transitive plane between the lands of the living -- the rest of Yophas -- and the lands of the dead -- Laithna -- as well as the defensive border between the two. Here, those champions who died heroically, lived their lives honorably, and devoted their existences to mastering combat for glory or for peace join the ranks of warriors fighting over the Fields of Glory.  


Armies of the souls of mortal champions inhabit Isathra. They build settlements and fortresses, hunt the primordial game of the plane's forests, and, most importantly, struggle constantly for honor and glory. Even in Isael's death, the Fields of Glory are ever alive with the sounds of ritual and battle. When not fighting, these chosen perform rites to Isael and even the Aasveigan Pantheon -- who live in Isathra as much as they do in Aasveig -- and carve out an existence not unlike the ones they lived across Yophas: they build, they celebrate, they pray, and they train.   Beyond these ever-shifting clans and chiefdoms, Isathra has flora and fauna to rival Aekkinata -- indeed, Isael hoped to make it the snowy, storming parallel of the Hunter's Plane. Bears the size of houses and wolves the size of horses roam the forests, dragons, behir, and giants inhabit the mountains, and kobolds, goblinoids, and more inhabit the caves and caverns beneath the surface. Whether fighting each other or the wildlife, the champions of Isael have no shortage of opportunities for battle.  


The only surefire way to reach Isathra is to live life as Isael would wish -- living honorably and fighting with courage -- and then die. Then, hope you are chosen by her or her children, the Aasveigan Pantheon, and sent to Isathra for an eternal afterlife of glory and combat. If you wish to reach Isathra and still have the option to leave, the usual planar magics do not work due to Isathra's position as an afterlife plane; however, bold and experienced Ipacian sailors can navigate the storms of hail and rain that surround the Fields of Glory, but it is exceedingly difficult. Also, traveling to the furthest, coldest reaches of Isaetika can allow one to reach Isathra, but it is dangerous -- you are just as liable to be cast upon unseen crags or drowned in the sea as you are to come upon Isathra's shores. Similarly, traveling to and from Laithna is -- barely -- possible by heading off into Isathra's most distant lands, where the blizzards are endless and the frostbite is near-instantaneous.   Travel within Isathra isn't the most difficult. If one keeps their wits about them, then avoiding the predatory fauna and navigating to one of the many villages and towns across the plane is possible; however, wary travelers should be prepared to prove themselves to Isael's chosen, lest they be cast back out into the tundra.  

Isael's Home

Isael had a great fortress of stone that she called home. Dubbed the Tempest's Peak, it sat atop the tallest peak of Isathra and was wreathed by an unending storm. Today, its once raucous feast halls and bustling combat arenas stand empty, and the storm that raged about it has dispersed. The champions of Isathra give it a wide berth and treat it with solemn respect, for it stands as a grim reminder of the Reckoning and the death of the gods.
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