Isael, the Tempest

"Rage is a tool. Use it, but never let it use you."

Goddess of the sea, storms, rage, and war, Isael is the most violent and chaotic of all the Children of Yamma. This is, of course, relative to her usually lawful allied gods, and the chaos and rage she embodies is necessary. Isael is the goddess of warriors and athletes, patron of war and conflict. She embodies the natural emotions of anger and rage, but not to the extremes of some of the Obsidian Lords.   The Tempest is petitioned during battle, and her lightning crackles in the blood of the greatest heroes and warriors of mortalkind. When the seas roil and crash, it is Isael's rage made manifest. Her will controls the great seas and the most powerful storms, and many sailors and farmers petition Isael for smooth voyages and plentiful rains, respectively.   Isael and Syluru were good friends, and even lovers at times, together managing the great forests and oceans of Emaxus. Syluru tempered Isael's rage, and Isael showed Syluru when anger and retribution was necessary. Peace and war coexisted, each prevailing when they were necessary.   Additionally, Isael created the Aasveigan Pantheon. She hoped to protect the Maor, who she considered her favored children, no matter the outcome of the Reckoning.  

Depictions, Symbols, and Names

Isael is most commonly depicted as a beautifully muscular woman of ivory skin, long, swirling white hair, and eyes like a roiling storm. She is often shown among raging storm clouds or a roiling sea doing battle against great beasts and ancient evils, usually clad in limited, simple cloths and robes.   Isael's most common symbol is a helmet against the band of a fine shield, representing strength, honor, and protection. Other variations will involve just the helmet, a bolt of lightning, or a swirling whirlpool.   Isael is known by a few names: Isael, the Tempest, Tempest of Rage, War's Honor, and Glory.  

Ancient Home

Isael made her home in the realm of Isathra. She crafted a grand fortress from the endless storms of Isaetika, and hung it over the great mountains of the Fields of Glory. Giants, fallen warriors, and other great champions called the fortress their home as well, but today the din of battle has been replaced by the muffled rumbles of the storms outside, for Isael's fortress lies silent and empty, her chosen battling to earn the right to reenter -- which is, despite their best efforts, a trial in futility.  

Worship Distribution

To make a long story short, Isael is invoked anywhere that battle takes place -- assuming the warriors on the field of battle are not worshippers of Marzak. Where honor marches alongside armies, prayers to Isael for strength, courage, and glory are frequent.   As far as permanent worshippers go, Isael varies. She has exceptionally large groups of followers in Yathra Silthame and throughout Aasveig, as she is considered the highest god of the Aasveigan Pantheon. Beyond that, she tends to have temples in the largest cities, and many coliseums, pit fighting arenas, and other places of ritual combat are often dedicated to her, or built in her name. Most ports respect her deeply, as well; however, there are several places practically devoid of Isael's worship, such as Camaerith and certain portions of the Ioturan Heartland.   Generally, a sailor that doesn't at least respect Isael is considered suicidal. Isael's wrath features heavily in many-a sailor's tale, and trying to keep her happy can sometimes be a crewmember(s) entire job on a voyage, acknowledging her in rituals and prayers.  

Champions of Isael

Champions of Isael are known as Tempestborn. They are legendary warriors, often needing various deeds even before they are championed, and rarely have equals on the battlefield. Only one champion of Isael has been named in the Age of Extant, though several more are known from the Reckoning and before. Known champions can be found below:
  • Thokk Nindred, Lord of Fjallsathra. Named Tempestborn in 899 AT, he ascended the Storm's Peak in Isael's Hand and claimed Storm Breaker, Blade of Thunder. He was instrumental in stopping Ellas Elendiir and the Order of the Forgotten Blood.
  • Aggarimm, the Storm Breaker. Original wielder of Storm Breaker and a champion of Marzak turned Tempestborn. Fought toe-to-toe with Marzak in the Reckoning, and legends say he even wounded the Ragebinder.
  • Dragonstalker, the Godfist. Believed to have lived during the Age of Rebirth, legends say she slew a rogue greatwyrm with her bare hands.

Divine Domains

Isael is the goddess of the sea, storms, rage, and war, and tangentially the god of things like honor and strength. Clerics sworn to her are typically of the Courage, Hunt, Strength, Tempest, War, and Zeal Domains, and Paladins who serve her tend to swear Oaths of Conquest, Fervor, Glory, the Open Sea, and Vengeance.  


  • Glory is achieved through righteous, honorable victory, and only in glory are the truest warriors forged.
  • Without honor, battle is senseless violence. Even the raging barbarian must live by a code, lest they be no better than a servant of the Obsidian Lords.
  • Even the most daunting obstacle can be overcome. Strength is determination in the face of adversity.

Methods of Worship

The most common way to worship Isael is to dedicate fights and battles to her. Warriors will proclaim that they fight in her name, petitioning her for divine guidance and strength, or dedicate a kill(s) to her, claiming that their glory is all for her. Before battles, entire armies might unite for a prayer to Isael, hoping to gain her favor for the upcoming conflict.   Outside of war and battle, Isael is worshipped heavily in ports and on boats, where sailors will perform rituals such as burning a fish in sacrifice or imbibing saltwater to show their respect for and connection to Isael. In her temples and arenas (though those structures are often one and the same), devotees will christen their weapons in her name, carve runes acknowledging her onto their armor, or get tattoos reflecting her qualities.

Holy Day

Isael's holy day takes place on Taeral 16, Odarth, and is known as Tempest's Rage. This day is celebrated across Emaxus through grand competitions of sports and athleticism, and even gladiatorial combat in venues ranging from massive coliseums to small sand pits in Isael's temples. In some cultures, the winners of these competitions are heralded as Isael's champions, all to be challenged the next year.

Ancient Foes and Allies

Isael and her followers are exceptionally weary of Marzak and his corruption. Throughout the Reckoning, Marzak delighted in perverting Isael's champions and the warrior-peoples of Yophas. His title of Ragebinder was not for show, and so Isael's followers stay vigilant of those warriors who give in to their rage too much, and pose a threat to themselves and all around them.   Isael's followers are close to the more militaristic of Yamma's followers, and many orders based on one have great overlap with the other. Additional, Isael's followers have a deep respect for both Kaedo and Syluru's devout, and often take it upon themselves to protect both, a reminder of Isael's connections to both gods before the Reckoning.


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