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Initiation in Blood

"In iron, we spill blood to staunch the bleeding. In steel, we dole death to protect life. In the sword, we pursue violence to achieve peace. We bleed so others mustn't. We die so other lives may be lived. We suffer so others need not. We become the monster to wipe them out." - The Iron Creed, official mantra of the Iron Order
For the Iron Order, there is no price too great for the power to defend the weak and slaughter those who would harm mortalkind. The Initiation in Blood is, perhaps, the greatest example of that belief. It is the rite -- or series of rites -- that complete a Prospect's training, grant them the strength of a full-fledged Knight of Iron, and begin their journey as a true member of the Iron Order.


The Initiation in Blood was devised by the founders of the Iron Order. Initially, it was the point where a Prospect was deemed worthy of gaining necroficial augments, and the Initiation was a grueling, often lethal, series of surgeries that implanted the different necroficial augments the first Knights of Iron employed. As the Iron Order has grown incredibly diverse in its hunting methods and more and more Creeds have been developed, the Initiation in Blood has become much more varied. Now, it is particular to the Creed the Prospect is swearing and further specified to the Prospect themselves.


Basic training for Prospects can last months or years, and once it's completed and the Prospect is deemed ready by their presiding Templar of Steel, they begin planning their Initiation in Blood. Typically, it takes about a week to figure out the rites, rituals, and other passages of the Prospect's specific Initiation. Then, the Initiation in Blood takes a week itself.


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