Iannathae, the Lunar Nexus

Credits to Dominic Jarro from Artstation for the awesome cover art!
Realm of arcane, life, and positive energies, Iannathae is the Elemental Realm of Light and Life. Aptly named the Lunar Nexus, Luna hangs brightly above Iannathae’s various regions, and exists in a symbiotic relationship in which both Iannathae and Luna feed and replenish each other’s arcane energies. This relationship allows the latter to disperse arcane magic across Yophas’ many planes.   Iannathae’s border region is a land of grassy hills and forested mountains known as the Alinthra. It begins on the cliffs of the massive abyss known as the Great Divide, which keeps Nathrivox and Iannathae separate but connected. Here, countless monoliths of glowing marble rise hundreds of feet above the surrounding landscape. Believed to be the prototypes of Alindr’s system of dispersing magic, these monoliths both form a barrier preventing the corruption of Nathrivox from entering Iannathae and serve as nexuses of magic. Many fell in the Reckoning, but many more remain standing. Towns and even cities hav formed around and between these remaining monoliths, using their arcane energy, divine importance, and natural defensibility to help their settlements grow.   Beyond the struggles of Alinthra, the mountains and hills begin to give way to realms of pure light and energy known as the Primordial Light. Nothing exists here, for the raw positive energy is too much for any creature or object other than pure energy to exist; however, the Primordial Light is channeled out in beams of white starlight to the monoliths of Alinthra, through arcane systems laid down by Alindr themself.  


In Alinthra, wildly diverse settlements rest on the ruins of incredibly ancient cities. In the Reckoning, metropolises rose around the monoliths of Iannathae, for the raw arcane magics and life energy coursing through them from the Primordial Light allowed living creatures to live without the need for water or food, nor did they age. Sadly, the Great Divide was the site of some of the worst extraplanar battles of the Reckoning, and so these massive cities fell to ash and ruin, and a great many monstrous creatures ended up calling Alinthra their home.   Today, the settlements around these monoliths still enjoy the benefits of their resident pylons; however, they are no longer the utopias of the Age of Rebirth, for they must now contend with the many planar invaders left over from the Reckoning. So, towns and cities of nearly every mortal race from across Yophas stand watch against creatures of shadow from Nathrivox and infernal remnants from Mathrak and Ix’akroth, and the valleys and forests rest eerily silent, haunted by unwanted denizens.
Dimensional plane


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