Gahelas, the Cloud Isles

Credits to Adam "Forange" Törn from Artstation for the soaring cover art!
Beginning as a realm of floating isles and landmasses among the clouds that slowly becomes a place of infinite skies, Gahelas is the Elemental Realm of Air. The border region, known as the Cloud Isles, is where most mortal activity takes place. Among these soaring islands, villages and cities dot the skyscape, and airships soar from settlement to settlement. After many hundreds of miles, this small portion of Gahelas gives way to its true nature: the Primordial Wind. The land begins to disappear from the clouds, and as the winds pick up, even the clouds disappear. In the heart of the Primordial Wind, there is no direction nor orientation, there is only flesh-peeling winds and an infinite blue sky.  


As with all of the Pure Realms, the border of Gahelas hosts the only real variation in creatures. In the Cloud Isles, mortal races like aarakocra and air genasi live alongside air genies, cloud giants, wyverns, and those air elementals that have roamed from deeper in the Realm of Air. It is actually from Gahelas that skills like wyvern- and griffon-riding originated, for it was there that those creatures were first created and it is Gahelas' inhabitants who are most used to heights.   In the Primordial Wind, only air elementals thrive. Here, most of the air elementals live and die as quickly as the wind passes through. Some find themselves flung out of the Wind, and roam the Cloud Isles or even further afield in other planes. Only those elementals of true power can control the Wind, or at least ensure their survival within it. These masters of the Wind are known as the Custodians of Thambos, the Air Titan, and are believed to have been created by Yamma to ensure the constant blowing of the Primordial Wind.
Dimensional plane


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