Aekkinata, the Hunter's Realm

Credits to Ferdinand Ladera from Artstation for the inspiring cover art!
Land of unfettered wilderness and nature in all its forms, Aekkinata is dubbed the Hunter's Realm not due to an abundance of hunters or the like, but due to the complete lack of civilization and near limitless game. Indeed, those hunters who have the skill, resources, and determination to reach Aekkinata will find themselves challenged in ways they never imagined, hunting creatures of legend and glory. But those hunters are few.    The Hunter's Realm is a plane of rocky continents split by turbulent seas. It is change in nature made manifest: even as new rock formations rise from the sea, so too do entire shorelines disappear in the ever-hungry maw of the ocean. Along that same vein, Aekkinata has some of the most robust, complicated, and awe-inspiring ecosystems -- and food webs -- in all of Yophas. A single food chain could begin with rare grasses and herbs and end in the snapping jaws of a titanic snake. Those who hunt rare game or gather exotic herbs would find no end to their trade in Aekkinata -- if they have the will to survive.  


There is little to no sentient life on Aekkinata, but there is, in some shape or form, at least a handful of almost every species of plant and animal in Yophas. The Hunter's Plane is a menagerie, teeming with all sorts of flora and fauna, predators and prey. Any natural beast, animal, fungus, or plant can be found in Aekkinata, and much of the plane is free of the influences of things other than nature, be that good or bad. Sadly, the Reckoning impacted Aekkinata as it did all of the Eternal Design, and some portions of the Hunter's Plane is no longer free from corruption or artificial change. Fur outposts and small, crag-hidden villages are scattered sporadically across different landmasses, and the darker corners of the lands and seas hide far more horrifying relics of the God-Wars.  


Reaching Aekkinata isn't horribly difficult. Traveling from Sylthereth or Eomorath is as relatively simple as navigating and keeping one's wits about themselves. Planar magic will also do the trick, and some planar rifts have been known to appear in deep woods and powerful beasts' dens across Yophas. Travel within Aekkinata is possible for the wary explorer, but a death wish for the unprepared. The seas are ever roiling and storming, while the landmasses are riddled with crags, inland whirlpools, roaring rivers, and unexpected crevasses, alongside the unimaginably varied ecosystems containing countless types of predators.
Dimensional plane


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