Elunara - ENG

520 AS


The motivation behind building Elunara - ENG

I build worlds for many, many years now. In the beginning for me only, after that forum-roleplay came along and soon short stories followed. After that the first bigger world meant to be base for a book. Another one followed, just to be followed by the next. But neither the books nor the worlds were stable enough to carry each other. That is, until I found this world. I am still not certain, that the world and the book might not collapse at the very end. But so far, I am confident. Most of the questions and plot holes I have found, I have closed by asking the world and the world answered.   By now this world shall be the place where I create many things, or so I hope.   It is one of the worlds which have Talvon as their anchor.

The goal of the project

I want to have a core for all the things I might be able to create. Books, short stories, my own pen and paper ruleset and everything else. There might be some collaboration writing or world building as well.   In short, I want to stop creating worlds and start writing stories in them.

Elunara - ENG's Unique Selling point

After fiddling around with urban fantasy for way to long, my journey has led me here, after a detour or two.   The uniqueness of this world is better explored than explained. But what is unique anyway? There is a creation myth, like in any other fantasy world. All magic is based on elements, nothing new here either. But that’s not the point.   Before the world is unique, it has to fit my ideas and needs. With a little luck, the stories and the ideas within the world, make exploring it unique.   That is, what I want to archive. Not a unique word, but a unique journey.



I thought, that this would easy to describe and yet it isn’t. Even though I am the author. My world once was developed to the pint of the late middle ages. After having been put into a magical sleep (see creation myth and history) they effectively started at zero. Just with magic. The old and the new inhabitants of this world quickly passed their old level of technology. Today we look at very young world, about to reinvent itself with the aid of magic. The foundations are still typical buildings end techniques of the late middle ages but they get extended by inventions such as memory crystals and energy networks as well as basic societal progress and social safety nets.   Based on the urge for knowledge by the mages, we combine the modern with the old and the new. An all that in a very young world. By now the world is still friendly and polite, but this might change soon and more than once.   Classic high fantasy meets supernatural with a pinch of mystery and a good measure of brutality, which touches the borders to Dark-Fantasy.

Reader Experience

As far as I am concerned this should be obvious by the meta itself, but I want to summarize it here.   The world should be what you discover in it. Even though it will never take off the mantel of magic and fantasy. Magic is an everlasting constant in this world and there are many playgrounds for my fantasy and for yours, to stoke the Magic itself. It’s the desire to explore the world which should be awakened and depending on where you start to do so, you will know the basics of what is right or wrong.   Do you seek for the might of the mages? The knowledge of the warlocks? The abandoned quest of the shamans? The cult of the Occultist?   Or something else entirely, the choice is yours to make.

Reader Tone

Imagine a group of people, sitting at a campfire in the woods, while the darkness of night is upon them. They go as far away from the campfire as they dare. Some still feel the warmth of the fire, others are barely able to see the faint light. Young and old, weak and strong. They all know, that they need firewood or the flames which protect them will get smaller as time passes. To get it they need to go closer to the edge of the swirling dome of light or even past that.   Who will collect the small branches on the floor? Who will go just as far as the light reaches? Weill they go in groups or alone? Is the boy just waiting by the fire because he is cold? Is his adventure lust calling to him …   … and whats with the old lady, who has been gone for hours?   https://www.worldanvil.com/w/brad-icastbolt/a/tone-26-setting-alignment-article (according to this, the world is "Knightdark")

Recurring Themes

Many things still hide in the shine of the days past. Especially the mages are firmly convinced of their search for knowledge and beliefs. While some look at the shine and get blinded by it, others look out of it. Seeing only the rays of light traveling throughout the world. Everything is bright and shiny.   On the one side people see the source of the light and on the other hand they see its destination. Maybe there are even people who do not see both, and be it because they have their eyes closed.   ~ Search for a place in the world ~ meta-technological progress at all / what cost ~ never ending secrets in the history of the world itself. ~ Mixing the known with the newly interpreted.

Character Agency

All decisions influence the word, more or less. That is and always will be a question of perspective.   The first book will evolve around the main character changing a lot. If you compare the beginning and the end of the book, not so much if you compare the year 0 with the year 520. Within a slightly bigger amount of time, another character will have greater impact to the world. As stated before, a matter of perspective. In the end the stories I tell will play an important role, but not necessarily a big one.   It’s this difference which makes it interesting or at least, that’s what I think.


The few big and all the small stories, the world has to offer, shall be told.

I want to exhaust the varieties of all my magic systems.
The world has to be believable within itself, before it has to be scientifically accurate.
A wild mix of short stories, novels, playable adventures and other pieces of information. (For instance an interactive map or even an interactive adventure within WA. Furthermore artwork commissioned by me.


Is the world changing to fast or are the humans to slow?   ~ Mages strive to much for science / progress and prosperity ~ As of now there were no problems, thus there are no plans how to react ~ Shamans stopped “monitoring” the world hearts ~ Explosion the western Kelutyr has ‘influenced’ the heart of flames ~ The growth of the world as well as the advanced of the magical able was bigger than expected ~ social safety nets are not reliant enough.

Shamans. Mages, Warlocks and Occultists get tangled up in a mixture of progress and setback. A solution to one is not unlikely to be a problem for someone else.

Do supernatural beings still have a role in all of this? If yes, how much and who exactly.

How much water is surrounding the known world and why?

Small notice: What exactly is Talvon?