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137 A.F.

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Welcome to Elturia

The world is young and its gods are fickle. A small civilization has managed to carve out a region for itself and does not know what lies beyond its borders. Queen Elturandis II seeks brave individuals to explore the wilds along her border, discover the secrets of magic, and protect her realm from unseen threats.
Elturia is a high fantasy setting where civilization is relatively new, and the gods have yet to fully understand themselves. The world and the gods wait to be shaped by the mortals that inhabit Elturia and the surrounding wildlands. Your story takes place within this region of Elturia, most likely you are from one of the small fishing towns along the coast, maybe you hail from Aldhon the largest city of the region, or perhaps you are a stranger from a far off land...
"Sylran, what is this? I could have sworn this mountain range had a different name yesterday, but I can't seem to place what it was."   "You must be strong of spirit indeed to catch that young one. The gods like to change things around once in a while."  
A conversation within the Reliquary.


Getting Started

If you are interested in the world I would reccomend starting with Welcome to Elturia - The Known World to get a feeling for the setting. You may also consider reading the creation myth of the world: The Shards of Kradul. If you want to get a feel for the people, Powerful Organizations has a list of the current active groups in this region. The Elturian Gazetteer has descriptions of the important places in this region.

Forging, Tempering, and Folding

Be wary dear explorer, the stories and articles found within the world are subject to the change of fate as the gods or other researchers clarify details. The articles found within will be organized to the best of my ability and the details as consistent as possible within the world. However, since I am the only one working on this project there will inevitably inconsistency. If you catch something that does not make sense based on another article please leave a comment, and I will either clarify or rectify the issue!

If you are a player within the world of Elturia, stay away from the World Meta. There are a few significant spoilers of the world there (I am currently looking into how to make this private for certain people). However, if you are not a player in the world feel free to read the World Meta!   If you find this interesting please follow the world! I am always open to comments and constructive criticism on any of my articles.