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The Shards of Kradul

I will never forget the evening my grandfather told me the story of Kradul. When I was a wee lad, I always took its shards in the sky for granted, not really thinking too much 'bout them. It was a dark night after we had been out hunting all day, and he and I were gathered up by the camp fire. It was hard to see the other stars from the clouds and light from our fire, but Kradul and it's shards shone brightly in the sky. He asks me, "You see that up there Hrongir?" pointing to the shards of Kradul. He pauses and I nod waiting for the old man to continue. "The shards of Kradul are the remnants of the shell that once held our world." Ha! I gave him much the same look you are giving me right now. Let me tell you the story he told me....  
  • Axethane Hrongir to Princess Angsa Elturandis, 128 a.f., Elturian Kingdom
  • Within the night sky of Elturia it's moon, Kradul and its shards are ever visible. On lightly overcast days it is as if the clouds themselves part from the view of Kradul, so that it can almost always be seen at night. This ever present reminder of the birth of their world leaves most feeling hopeful. However, there are few that scorn what creation has brought them, looking to the moon as a symbol where they can pour their spite. Many variations of the myth surrounding the creation of Elturia can be found. Though the following section provides the most commonly accepted myth, often told by the peoples that live near Aldhon  

    The Myth

    Long ago, while this land was nothing but a floating rock ravaged by the will of the elements, Skir travelled the spectral ocean searching for potential worlds to cultivate. Her emissary and companion, Hunin the white raven, found our world of turmoil and saw the potential Skir sought for so long. He rushed back to tell her of his discovery, but when they returned something had changed. The elements still in turmoil, Skir nearly missed the influence of her brother. Wod had been here, shifting the path of the elemental turmoil to ultimately lead to destruction.

    Over a thousand years Skir removed the corruption of her brother, believing in the potential that could come from this new world. After her work was done, she instructed Hunin to eat the world for the final purification. Passing through the gullet of the celestial raven, the world was cleansed and Hunin laid Elturia as an egg. Tired from their work, they left to rest and haven't been seen since. Now Elturia is left with fledgling gods, selfishly pursuing their own goals.

    After who knows how long, our world hatched from the egg Hunin had left. What was left of the shell coalesced and forms what you see in the sky now. Our moon Kradul, and its shards.

    As a reminder of her work, once per year the shards will come together in a grand spectacle in the sky, the people know this as the The Coalescence. That is why offerings are prepared. It is hoped that if we burn something most spectacular, Skir will awaken and return to us. On years where the offerings are bountiful, she blesses us with a shard from Kradul. So, live a worthy life and provide true offerings to Skir and perhaps she will bless you with Kradore

    Spread & Variation

    The Shards of Kradul is by far the most well known myth throughout the land of Elturia and beyond. Every major group has their own version of the myth. For example, the people who live within the border of the Wilderlands believe Skir to be a wolf, while Hunin was her eagle friend. They worked together to spot game, setting their sites on this world since they forsaw it becoming a formidable hunting grounds. While the people from the Alboldir Valley believe their world was the site of a great war, that Skir inevitably won. There are as many different variations as their are peoples within Elturia.
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