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Pantheon of Elturia

Gods walk the land of Elturia and beyond. Their presence is felt often by mortals, though they have largely agreed to an armistice in order to foster their specific domains. These young Gods are fickle though, and some delight in meddling in mortal affairs for their own personal gain or even whimsy. The mortals of Elturia consider the gods to be from three groups: The Velranir (Gods of Good), The Hlutlir (Gods of Neutrality), and The Illtir (Gods of Evil).

The Velranir

Good Deities Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Godreki, The Scaled Protector LG Life, War A Platinum Dragon Eye
Bordin, The Forge Master LG Knowledge, Nature A Flaming Hammer and Sickle
Dionder, The Storyteller NG Knowledge, Life A Quill and Lute
Ortuna, Bringer of Opportunity CG Trickery, Tempest 3 Lines, The Center is Dotted
Solmithra, Steward of the Sun CG Light, Life Blazing Chariot

The Hlutlir

Neutral Deities Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Regla, Bearer of Judgement LN Order Set of scales atop a sword
Arrast, The Moonlit Huntress N Nature, War Arrow across the shattered moon
Deyjau, The Great Guide N Death Black circle with a star in the center
Yera, The Untamed Wilds CN Tempest, Nature Green spiral, with waves of blue
Ikol, The Trickster CN Trickery Two snakes in the shape of a Y

  The Illtir

Evil Deities Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Slaemdreki, Tyrant Flame LE Order, Trickery Five beams, each of a chromatic color
Surtym, Father of Giants LE War Elemental motes circling a sword
Nebri, The Shifting Shadow NE Knowledge, Death A black circle
Hraedrek, The Mad Drake CE Trickery, Knowledge Three chain circles within one another
Gorlok, The Butcher CE War, Tempest Bared bloody tusks
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