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The year, 127 after the construction of our glorious city. The scene, a seedy little tavern by the name of 'The Craft.' Ever heard of it? Didn't think so. I had recently finished my study and the Diond Stage and Academy... quit your gawking yes, I, studied here probably before you were born! Hmph, anyways, I was regaling the tavern with my best rendition of "The Helfast Hero." I had just finishing the last verse *Bound she slew Surtym, but he evened the score,* when all of a sudden outside I heard the first balls of fire fall, and the earth treble. I knew a new story was about to take place, and I would be the one to chronicle it. Meanwhile some nincompoop in the corner said my E string was flat, as if!

- Heligrin Nurtaen, The Flame Song beginning his lecture on the
assault on Aldhon, what he dubbed as "Sackrym's Folly."
    The Kaalers of Elturia are renowned story tellers, musicians, and poets that draw their origin to the time of Gilindrea Helfast. The hero's fateful victory over Surtym (see The Illtir), Father of Giants, inspired a series of stories and epic poems. Troubadors from each of the six holds would travel the region, spreading their versions of this song as well as gathering others they came across. This travel created an interesting phenomena of differing regions having a song that shared a melody, but would have different words. The opposite also became true where the words would stay similar, but the tune would sometimes change. These traveling poets and musicians became vital in communicating current events from hold to hold and gathering the histories of the land.
They eventually became known as the "Diondias" by the locals, or the "Agents of Dionder" (see The Velranir). The god eventually approached a small group of the troubadors and bid them to organize a college in the Hearth City, Aldhon. He named them his Kaal, and they would call out to all those that would listen to their stories and experience the world through their song as Dionder intended. The group eventually managed to secure a place in the Mountain Spring district of Aldhon, and the crown agreed to aid them in building and funding the college in exchange for a free education to all members of the royal house and its decendants.
One of the oldest members of the organization, Mearli Kalindan, helped organize the Kaalier into several roles. There are some that teach the basic subjects, such as language, history, music, and even some arithmatic (after all even musicians need to be able to count to four). Others teach the finer points of how to deliver a musical or poetic performance in such a way to move the emotions of a crowd, and if they are lucky even pluck at the strands of magic that permeate the world. Instructors for just about anything can be found in the Diond Stage and Academy, where the Kaalier call their home.


The goals of the Kaalier are as varied as the members of the organization. Some want nothing more than to stay within their settlement, providing entertainment and knowledge to those around them. Others wish to travel and spend time with the people of the land, learning their stories and songs. Even others still long to travel into the world and be there for the next legend to occur, and have a hand in making it. A few of the songs that exist are because some of the Kaal that wished for a simple life were thrust into an extraordinary one.
The organization as a whole however plans to continue its role at the Diond Stage and Academy, as well as sending members out in search of pupils with great potential. After their education with the academy, troubadors are not required to maintain an active role with the Kaalier, but those that do are often rewarded with opportunity to make a name for themselves in the region.

People of Interest

Mearli Kalindan

chaotic good, female stonekin
Mearli Kalindan fondly remembers when Dionder approached her and her band to build the Diond Stage and academy and she gladly continues to run the organization, even if it is a more ceremonial role now. If not careful, one could find themselves talking to Mearli for hours. Many of the students remark on how someone of her advanced age can talk so much. Some members of the Kaalier believe she should be removed from her position and made to retire. Most would consider these Kaals fools. Though she lacks the faculties in order to run the day to day operations of the college and organization, her mind holds surprising acumen when matters of import come accross her plate.

"Bisbae Asec us urus Supth" - Stories Tell us our Truth

Education, Magic
Alternative Names
Dionds, Diondias, Callers, Bed Robbers, Song Swindlers
Ruling Organization
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