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Vaesteri Family


As a family, they don't have any official structure besides Dal-Yora Vaesteri and Dal-Jaon Vaesteri being considered the head of the family.

Public Agenda

The Vaesteri want to promote the well-being of the people under their faith's tenets. But they never limit themselves to only helping other Daliaths, in fact, they are often important to the cohesion of Milirevi as a whole.


They have wealth and prime real state, like the Vaesteri Residence. They are very well-connected the temple beneath their residence is the island's most important temple and easily one of the most important in the world.


Like many Daliath families, the Vaesteri can trace their origin backs to a relationship between a Govite and a Govad noble. One of their ancestors was part of a harem until the Daliath's rebellion and joined the fight.   Sometime later the family got involved in the founding of Milirevi and they have been patrons to the city since the day one.  

Modern day

  The Vaesteri remains one of the most influential powers in Milirevi to this day. They provide help to refugees and disaster victims.   A recent dark mark in the family's history was the suicide of their eldest heir Dal-Eten Vaesteri who threw himself from their residence's balcony. Which prompt their daughter Dal-Estare Vaesteri to run away with her husband and move to Earth.
Alternative Names
Vaesteri Clan
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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