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The Daliath Church


Highly hierarchical and complex. There are three main branches each with a different focus.

Public Agenda

The dissemination of the Daliath values and faith.

Divine Origins

The Daliath faith is based on the teachings of four philosophers and their books are the main Daliath religious books.

Tenets of Faith

The faith has many rules, though some noticeable tenets include:
  • Charity
  • Responsibility
  • Sacred hospitality
  • Homosexuality is a sin


Priests of the Daliath faith add "Dal" to their first name. It takes years of study to get the honor. They are collective refered to as "Dals".   Dals can perform religious rituals that other followers can't (or can only in special circumstances, like marrying oneself when there are no priests available).

Political Influence & Intrigue

The church is heavily woven into inter-worlds politics, specially in Elan and areas dominated by the Ersi-Daliath ethnicity.
Religious, Organised Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ethnicities

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