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The ethno-religious group that rose around the Daliath faith in the Lor-ersi continent. Technically, they are part of the Govis ethnicity but not socially treated as such.   The term Daliath also applies to any given person of the Daliath faith, with the term "Ersi-Daliath" being used when one wants to specify this ethnicity.

Naming Traditions

Family names

"-Esteri" is a suffix that a lot of important families have in their surname. It denotes that the family had a star named after them.

Other names

"Dal-" is added to someone's given name to denote a level of priesthood.


Common Dress code

They typically cover everything from the neck down, wearing gloves. This is viewed more as a matter of hygiene than modesty.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Common Taboos

See the Daliath faith. Notably, the culture is very homophobic.


Courtship Ideals

It's common - specially among the upper class - for families to set up marriages by introducing people through parties.

Relationship Ideals

The wife and the husband should work together as an equal unit. It's very common for them to work on the same field or for either spouse to know much about the other's field of work.

Major organizations

Parent ethnicities
Significant presence in

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