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45% Daliath   30% Govite   20% Govad


Democratically elected council.   Milirevi has segregation laws in some limited areas, though, this usually means that specific ethnic groups can't own residence in a given area.


Milirevi is heavily warded, though mainly against natural disasters.

Industry & Trade

Milirevi is one of the worlds' most important commercial ports. It's very well situated to facilitate intercontinental sea-trade and the presence of portals allow interworld trade.


Milirevi is quickly catching up the modern times, though phone and internet services are still limited to the upper class.

Guilds and Factions

Milirevi is a town divided, it's different ethnic groups manage to live together but stay apart.   The three major demographics are the city's dividing lines, this is strongly reflected on the culture and politics.


Was settled after the destruction of the Govad Empire. It was founded in the year 68 of the Modern Elsewhere Era.


The architectural style can be best described as an abominable patchwork Frankenstein where a given building looks like it was made out of six different ones from different cultures.   There is a reason for this, back when the city was more segregated the different districts had very different architectural styles. And whenever disaster struck, or just plainly when a change of police redrew the districts' limits, people would rebuild on top of what was left. Often, some places were warded such that it was hard or impossible to change their features, so people built around the unchangeable parts.


The terrain is relatively plain with the ocean is on the north side and a river curving around town from southwest to northeast. The shores are rocky and Milirevians typically don't care about swimming in the beach.
Alternative Name(s)
Patchwork city, honeycomb city
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
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