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Elonth is a world with historical eras, cultures and technological development reminiscent to our own - with the addition of Dragons and Magic.   The dragons are an ancient race that used to primarily lead solitary lives before human expansion and extermination efforts forced the dragons to group into enclaves for survival. The enclaves that survived the test of time became recognised as independent countries as relations between the dragons and humans eventually were established.   Dragons and a number of other nonsentient species have inherent magic capabilities. Humans will rarely also be born with capabilities, but can all be trained to block magic.   Magic in this world is a science of energy manipulation. While willpower will be used to exert forces or contend with other mages, energy is consumed or released according to the law of conservation of energy. Rarely, energy-sensitive individuals will gain Knacks, which allow them to achieve feats of energy manipulation beyond the skill of even highly-trained mages.   There also exists a substance called Shiridite that is highly energy conductive - anomalously so. In crystal form, it is called shiridan and can store great quantities of energy, or even programmed (see Enchanting) to perform simple actions when triggered by simple stimuli.