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Shiridite is a material that interacts in remarkable ways with energy. When formed into crystals, it is called shiridan – a hard and brittle material with a very reflective surface. Shiridan crystals can store large amounts of energy. Composites containing shiridite are often very conductive of energy. However, the crystals don’t create energy. Someone or something needs to fill them with energy. With skill, one Enchant crystals using Magic.   Shiridite can be mined naturally, but large gems are rare and the biggest veins are often in dragon territory. Shiridan crystals can also be found in the chests of many Draconids, with Dragons bearing the largest. This has caused shiridite to have a rather bloody history.   The colour of pure shiridite is clear, but the colour will greatly vary depending on what the shiridite is compounded with.   Modern scientists have been able to create high-quality artificial shiridite, but natural shiridite is still considered more valuable by the general public. There have been a number of experiments attempting to make machines capable of manipulating magic, but this has been met with limited success.
Very High
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