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Magic is more science than art but holds aspects of both. It is the use of the mind to manipulate reality through the use of energy. Matter, being highly concentrated points of energy, is able to be manipulated – but not feasibly created – by magic. Individuals who can manipulate magic are deemed to have Energy Sensitivity.   Energy, as in the real world, comes in the forms of movement (moving objects, heat, sound, electricity, etc.) or potential for movement (chemical, gravitational, etc.). Magic is essentially manipulating energy via mental effort in lieu of a physical object and with very high efficiency (losing far less energy to the environment than normal, although entropy cannot be negated entirely). Think of how a car engine can convert chemical energy into motion, a catapult can convert potential energy into motion, a solar panel can convert some radiant energy into electricity, or a rechargeable battery can convert electricity into chemical potential energy and vice versa. But all of these require physical objects and lose a lot of energy to the environment via heat, sound, light, etc.   There is an element with paranormal properties. In mineral form, it is called Shiridite and is highly conductive. In crystal form, it is called shiridan and is capable of storing vast quantities of potential energy.    A user’s mental discipline, robustness and skill determine the extent of their abilities. Their physical fitness determines how much energy they can expend on magic without harming themselves. Living beings are essentially biological batteries: energy can be taken from their bodies for magic and they need to recover after this. Excessive draining can be fatal. In the case of Dragons and most other Draconids, the size of their shiridan heart crystals is the largest factor that affects the energy they have at their disposal.   Many abilities requiring better control of energy (such as reshaping items, drawing energy from more challenging sources, condensing energy into electricity) can be learned. Telepathy and mental interactions come more intuitively to dragons than would be expected, given the complex and lightning-fast movements of electricity in living beings' brains, but training and practice is still required to do anything more than sense the presence of others’ minds. Human mages can also gain the skill a bit more effort.   There is also the chance for individuals to have advanced capabilities, known as Knacks, that allow them to more easily perform feats that would normally require inhuman (or indragon) levels of skill to use effectively. Some examples of these advanced abilities are illusions, teleportation, transmutation of matter and mind control.   In this magic-filled world, mental protections – and the safety of one’s spell, crystals, etc. – is of major importance, especially when living in proximity to dragons or magic users.
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