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One of many planets in Sol, one of four potentially habitable planets, but the only planet with known native life.   With a mass of 7.64*1024 kg (1.28 Earth) and radius 6850 km (1.08 Earth), it has an average density of 5.68 g/cm3. Inhabitants experience a surface gravity of 10.9 m/s2 (1.11 Earth). Composition and atmosphere are nearly identical to Earth. Each day is 1.33 Earth days, and its orbital period is 1.42 Earth years, leading to years that are 390 local days long.


The vast majority of land on the planet is contiguous, with the two northern continents bearing many mountain ranges further inland.


The ecosystem as a whole is largely similar to Earth's.

Fauna & Flora

The planet is home to a great variety of creatures, many identical to Earth, but also some - such as the Draconids - that do not exist on Earth.

Natural Resources

Some heavier elements not found on Earth are available, including notable pockets of the element from which Shiridite is composed.


  • Elonth 2020
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