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Summer Camp - Reading challenge

Summer Camp


I had the feeling, that the amount of writing I do here is slowly decreasing and comes normally in short bursts of inspirations. So I hoped that I could use the summer camp to increase my speed again and get lots of inspiration on the way. I thought the silver challenge would be a realstic goal. It is just one short article every two days, right? Part of the plan was to write all articles in English, for one to practice it a bit and it would make it possible for more people to read the stuff I would come up with.  


Then July startet and I looked at the first prompts and directly had three ideas what I wanted to write. To be honest, this was a little bit "cheated", since I had those three ideas for a long time in my head, just didn't had the time yet to write them down. Two days later while riding a bicycle I had a new idea, the Tars Falcons. They took me to a very fun tour of possibilities and I still was very optimistic that the silver goal would be totally doable and my motivation was quite high to do it.  

Where is my time?

Then I was hit by a lot of cool events in real life. And they've been really effective at distracting me from summer camp. I had sometimes the feeling I should be working on the stuff here, but it was drowned out by the fun I had with my friends. How could I say, "I should go now, I want to write something?" So I mostly postponed writing more and more backwards. It was also not helping, that I had no real inspiration with the next waves of promts. I started some stuff but didn't had the energy to finish it.  

I have a motivation problem right until I have time problem

The end of July was coming closer and I feared, that I would not just fail the silver but even the bronze goal of the challenge, so did a lot of writing in the last couple of days to get at least 8 articles done. I got good progress, but I was low on energy to get everything done on time.   At some point I decided to write my last article Sternentau in German since it is my mother tongue and it would be much easier and faster to write it that way. Still I got only barely above the minimum of 300 words and it was more a chore than a joy writing it, even though I totally like the idea behind that flower.  

Reading Challenge

I read the challenge goal and I really liked the idea. But I also knew the main problem would be time again, since all weekends in August were filled with events.   The first summer camp topic of my choice was "A seat of power". I read some articles and decided to comment on three of them:
  • Vorr by Nomadic Gaming, where I might have had a little bit to much fun figuring out, how to give useful direction, if you are standing on the north pole
  • Throne District by Caestus, were I took some joy about thinking, what some title implied about the place and if it still had some ramicfications on the architecture of it
  • Greystream by Wellsy Gaming were the lore of the place was very interesting.
I liked all three and I could take some time to think how I could good constructive feedback.   In the end it came to the same effect as with the Summer Camp. I had to rush things to get everything done in time. I still had to comment on 3 articles of two additional topics. I chose the topics "a species with an unusual form of communication" and "a resource that provides fuel or power". The articles that I read were all good, so I felt somewhat bad, that I mostly "just" said what I liked with a small question that I would find very interesting to be explored upon.   Those articles were   and  

Future Goals

My main future goal for my worldbuilding is to write more regulary here. I'm still unsure how to best achieve it, since I am distracted to easily, have some other projects on the side, have a full time job and meet much with friends on the weekends.   One avenue I want to try is to interact more with other people on this site, maybe with some inspiration and/or feedback I have higher motivation working on my setting. Maybe I can even get some of my real life friends to read a single article of my stuff to get some feedback, since I have learned that giving them the whole Setting will not yield anything for me.   I think another of the problems that are holding me back to achieve my main goal here, is that I do not see myself doing any significant progress. So another sub goal for me is to find a way to create a road map, with reachable milestones, that culminates in a "useable" setting.


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